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Reconditioned AGAs

With over 20 year's experience, Refurbished Ranges are experts in re-selling top quality second hand AGA Cookers. We have an unrivalled showroom of carefully chosen AGA Stoves, each one hand-picked & meticulously reconditioned by our fully qualified and experienced team, bringing them back to showroom condition with new parts as well as enamelling.

3 Oven Gas AGA For Sale

The 3 oven AGA boasts a roasting, baking & simmering oven, all equivalent sized in the very same sized system as the 2 oven AGA. This version is perfect for those that enjoy to bake and also is excellent for daily food preparation along with periodic amusing for larger numbers. On the hob of the 3 oven AGA are the boiling as well as simmering plates which give enough cooking area capable of accommodating approximately 6 frying pans in between them.

Servicing & Repairs

As with many domestic appliances, AGA stoves require routine maintenance and service to guarantee they continuously run safely as well as efficiently.We recommend Gas AGA heat-storage stoves normally call for a service every 12 months. 

We cover the counties of Cornwall and Devon, but please get in touch, and we will try to meet your requirements. We are honoured to serve several generations of families and group of friends as we have built a solid reputation which has been developed via referral over the years. We are a local family-run business in the heart of Cornwall with over 20 years of experience.

When preparing a service or repair visit, please note that your engineer will certainly require the AGA cooker to be cool, so please ensure that it is switched off the evening before. A hot cooker cannot be safely serviced.